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Luci Italia Around the World

The numerous awards and the experience gained over the years have allowed LUCI ITALIA to establish itself as a leader in providing high quality customized lighting for hotels, villas, general contractors and architecture studios. A Italian Craftsmanship appreciated and recognized even abroad, not only in Europe but also in Russia, CIS, USA, Africa, Arabian Peninsula and India, which have always been lovers of Italian excellence and quality.


The best ideas come from the creative synergy between the various components. That way it is important to create a place where every single experience could emerge as best, pursuing the objective of innovation, that has always been important for LUCI ITALIA.


LUCI ITALIA, thanks to the ten-year experience in lighting sector, offers its customers various and important additional services aiming to the best realization of every project.

  • Lighting projecting
  • 3D graphic simulation
  • Development of software and systems for lighting control
  • Development of building automation integrations
  • Abroad transport and installation with our team of qualified installers