Custom Designing

All creations begin with an idea, either based on an existing design or suggested by the client followed by a consulting phase during which the drawings are created and a first analysis of the feasibility and quotation of production is performed. Each chandelier can be modified and/or custom designed as per color(s), number of lights and/or tiers and type of accessories to best suit your taste and requirements. Manufacturing time varies from 4 to 6 weeks for small to medium chandeliers (up to 8 lights) and 8 to 12 weeks for larger chandeliers (over 8 lights).

From the Project to the Product

The point of force of LUCI ITALIA is to supply a complete, flexible and innovative design service, assisting the client from the original idea through to final delivery, satisfying and favoring any particular request. This is only possible thanks to the experience and expertise of our technical staff, each member working on a single production phase with the joint goal to produce a top quality product. Each item that LUCI ITALIA produces is tested and inspected following a very strict quality control system, and is consigned to a specialized laboratory to undergo specific tests for EC certification. When the prototype is finally approved by the client, LUCI ITALIA can begin production.